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My favorite iPad music apps so far!! Some work on iPhone/iPod as well. Some also have equivalents on Android. 
****All students will have Piano Maestro and Piano Marvel accounts.****
  Piano Maestro by JoyTunes: "Combines music methodologies with the latest gaming features." Helps with note reading, sight reading, rhythm, practice name it! Used with an acoustic piano or directly on iPad. Here are some links to get more info:

Piano Marvel is now available as an iPad app! This powerful tool helps with sight-reading, ear-training, and practice skills.

Are you ready to take the "Play the Hymns Bootcamp" challenge?!  


  • Rhythm Cat by LMuse: Lite and full versions for both iPad and iPhone. Teaches the values of notes, students tap to the beat with catchy background music. Can buy in a bundle with Treble Cat and Bass Cat.
  • The Most Addicting Sheep Game by Just So: Very fun game that helps students feel the beat, move in coordinated patterns, and look ahead. And of course it is very addictive!
  • Treble Cat by LMuse: note reading with a twist, notes scroll by and you tap certain ones (can buy in a bundle with Rhythm Cat and Bass Cat)
  • Bass Cat byLMuse
  • Noteworks by Azati: Each student can have their own profile. I suggest getting the iPhone version of this, since it can be used on iPad but not vice-versa. If your iPad or iPhone is hooked up to a digital piano, you can play this on the keyboard. Otherwise you use the screen.
  • Flashnote Derby by Luke Bartolomeo
  • Note Squish by William Wilson
  • Dust Buster, also by JoyTunes (this one can be used on iPhones as well). Can be used with an acoustic piano.
  • MyNoteGames by Appatta Ltd: this one listens to your piano and gives simple little exercises that students progress through. Each student can have their own profile.
  • Sight Reader by byte3 LLC: this one has a lot of different levels and categories to sight read, including some flashcards, songs, intervals, rhythm, scales, etc. It's one of the pricier ones ($7.99 for the piano bundle), but you get a lot with it (or you can buy separate categories). Used with an acoustic piano.
  • ReadAhead by Johns Hopkins: this has various exercises to help more late elementary/early intermediate sight readers. Used with an acoustic piano.
  • Dragon Scales by Luke Bartolomeo
  • SproutBeat by James Laughlin: contains theory worksheets that can be used on the iPad, or printed out.





  • HanonPlus by Cape Cod Music: If you use Hanon exercises with your students, this one can be kind of a fun twist. It listens to them play and rates them. It's pretty exacting because it doesn't stop if they do! You can change keys, rhythms, and tempo.
  • Voice Recorder (Free) by TapMedia: because it's always useful to record and listen to yourself!
  • There are a lot of apps where you can download both paid and free sheet music. Some of them even allow you to turn pages by nodding your head, or listen to you as you play and turn pages for you, and others can use a bluetooth pedal page turner!! There are many out there, but they include:
    • ForScore: my go-to score reader of choice. Works with any pdf file.
    • Wolfie by Tonara
    • Tonara
    • Etude
    • piaScore 
    • Musicnotes
    • VSheetmusic
    • Meloflow
    • Notezilla
    • NoteStar by Yamaha


Last updated 08/19/2016